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    QUICKLY analyze tough drivability problems!
    All check out instruments exhibit DTCs and permit you to see PID Data. Most tools just pull out info and throw it raw, on the reader monitor. They ignore useful signs which help resolve autos. That&#8217s since they just don&#8217t have EScan Professional&Number8217s SharpshooterTM diagnostic application package, a whole set of built-in assistants that search and read information. EScan Pro looks like a analytical compass that details you in the correct analytical path. For your leisure, EScan Seasoned is accessible with cord connected or wi-fi user interface that avoids useless cables and shop litter. Buy your EScan Seasoned and commence fixing autos faster—today!

    The patented ATS EScan Pro does all kinds of other remarkable stuff that hardly any other check device can do:

    EScan Expert Sharpshooter analyzes fuel reduce and volumetric productivity.

    EScan Seasoned Sharpshooter assesses catalytic productivity and also translates MODE6 into British.

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    The EScan Expert warn lamps for the still left facet of each monitor are constantly updated and provide you with information on Bank 1 and Bank 2 as well as the standing of the control method. The EScan Pro consists of copyrighted Sharpened SHOOTER™ Engineering, which uses OBD-Two files unlike any other scan instrument actually has. When you use it with your go shopping it can help you examine:
    • MAF Sensors Problems
    • Catalytic Efficiency Issues
    • Gas Manage Issues
    • Gasoline Supply Troubles
    • Low Power Issues
    • Asking for Method Problems
    • Mechanised Difficulties
    • and Much More&#8230

    The EScan features:
    • Very Fast Automobile Connect
    • Straightforward PID Set up as well as Computed PIDs
    • Digital camera and Slip Bar Readouts
    escan how to locate cell phone location by number • Effective Graphing
    • Reading through and Deciphering Mode6 Data
    • Recording of Data and Display Photographs
    • Pointer Dimensions of Charted or Registered Info
    • Reading and Understanding DTCs and Approaching Requirements
    • Reading through Get cold Frame Files
    • Studying and Planning Screens
    • Looking at O2 Sensing unit Files
    • Resetting DTCs

    Get intelligent! Turn your laptop in a analytic goliath together with the EScan Expert check tool from ATS. This Engine Best 20 Application joins to everyone major files protocols: ISO, KWP2016, J1850 (PWM and VPM), and may Coach Sorts. Now you question, “What makes our EScan Expert stand out?” Reasonable issue: basic answer. EScan Professional could be the only intelligent scan application available today. Should you aren&#8217t confident what a wise have a look at application is, consider these questions:
    • Does your check out tool have a list of specific analysis PIDS?
    • Can your check out instrument compute and present driver effectiveness?
    • Can your scan device tell you when the air/energy percentage is proper: when the MAF is
    functioning properly?
    • Does your have a look at tool display gasoline cut charts at various engine rates?
    • Does your scan device calculate volumetric efficiency?
    • Can your check out device translate Method 6 info to straightforward British?

    These other instruments just pull out information and spit it uncooked, on the code reader display. They ignore useful signs that assist repair vehicles. That&Number8217s simply because they just put on&#8217t have EScan Professional&#8217s SharpshooterTM analytic instrument box, a full set of developed-in colleagues that look for and interpret data. EScan Expert looks like a diagnostic compass that factors you in the proper analytical route. For your convenience, EScan Expert can be obtained with cord connected or wireless software that eliminates pointless cords and shop mess. Buy your EScan Pro and commence repairing autos faster—today!

    Speedy Example
    The screen photographs down below had been removed from a vehicle that had low strength and no rules were existing.

    EScan Professional demonstrates the volumetric productivity and gasoline lean with soiled mass ventilation indicator.

    EScan Professional demonstrates the volumetric efficiency and energy cut following your dirty MAF sensor was cleaned out.

    EScan Professional connections to Laptop or computer by means of USB Vent or wi-fi:
    • Significant 1024&#215768 Pixel (XGA) Looking at Region with Large Coloured Traces
    • Files Might be Saved to Text message Apply for Upcoming Access. Unlimited a short time span!
    • Files May be Saved to JPEG Image for E-emailing or Records
    • Web Empowered for Remote control Monitoring on LAN or World wide web
    • MultiTool Tabs permits Multiple Observing of EScan Data along with Information off their ATS Diagnostic Resources
    • Can be used with wi-fi adapter. Identify whilst placing your order for Wireless!
    • USB Bluetooth adapter for computer side of wifi. Supplies around 100ft wi-fi link to EScan.

    EScan Equipment Involves:
    • OBDII interface for those significant shuttle types: ISO, KWP2016, J1850 (PWM and VPM), CAN
    • 4&#8242 OBDII Cable television. The whites connects to the OBDII plug and the other facet connects to the program so you don&#8217t ball it with your feet.
    • 6&Number8242 Universal serial bus Cable television. One for reds joins towards the user interface and yet another part connects to the pc&#8217s Hardware slot.

    EScan with Wi-fi Kit Consists of:
    • Almost everything included in EScan System
    • Internal Wi-fi as well as sequential vent for marketing and sales communications
    • USB Wireless bluetooth card for Laptop or computer

    For your EScan we suggest these:
    • XGA&Number215768 pixel resolution monitor)
    • 1 Gigahertz Processor Rate (more rapidly is way better)
    • House windows 7, Vista, Exp, orOperating Program
    • 256 MB Random access memory (more is way better)
    • 500 MB Obtainable Hard Disk Drive Place
    • Hardware 2. interface


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