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    The ties here were deep and real. Corbin and Skaggs played together in Orem, Utah rookie ball. They played together in Mobile, Ala. And I’m not anti corporate,» Biden said. But he argued that corporations using most of their earnings on share buybacks and rewarding stockholders rather than paying their workers well is «not the capitalist system.»Biden has promised to pick a woman to be his vice president but has been mum about naming or confirming who he’s considering. Interviewed Thursday night on «The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,» Biden said he’s looking for someone «who can complement or make up for» his shortcomings and who «feels completely comfortable disagreeing» but will ultimately be aligned with him.Biden said he «will not support ‘Medicare for All’» and opposes «forgiving debt loan for every single solitary person no matter where you went to school,» while laying out a more moderate vision than Warren on health care, education policy and tax policy.»Nobody making under $400,000 would have their taxes raised.

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